Friday, September 2, 2011

The Autobahn: Warnemünde to Muti's House

On Friday we took our rented Ford Fiesta, the choice of every speed freak, out on the Autobahn. Rae tried to bite her tongue, only muttering "crashes must be spectacular on the autobahn" as she sat white knuckled, while I pushed all 4 cylinders to over 180 km/hr.
Photo of speedometer [that Rae took].

I was certain that this fuel efficient, plastic car would have a governor on it but this is Germany where parts of the autobahn have a minimum speed limit. As the toy motor whined and the wind whistled through the rubber door seal, we quickly found ourselves in the town of Warnemünde. There we walked along the beach along the Baltic Sea in the area of Mecklenburg known as Hanse, stopped for beer and strudel in a quiet street café, and climbed the lighthouse.
On the way home, I had the immeasurable pleasure of passing the polizei at 170 km/hr without them batting an eye.

Later that day, Klaus brought us out to meet his mother, Muti. After walking through the beautiful farmland surrounding her home, we stopped in for coffee and a glass of champagne for Kelly's belated birthday.

When Muti heard that I was training for Oktoberfest, she groaned "Oktoberfest", rolled her eyes and then grabbed two beers from the other room for me, like any good German mother would. She then showed us some of her art, that was quite impressive for a self taught artist and that had more character than many professional pieces I've seen.

Thanks Muti, I will not disappoint you in Münich.

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