Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Inner Design Nerd Requires a Trip to the Bauhaus Archiv Museum

Raelene here. We got another early start and headed by bus to the Jewish museum. There was security similar to an airport to enter this museum but that went pretty quick. This museum was set up with several axis or hallways with different themes. At the end of one hallway, after reading about people from the holocaust and reading letters, a museum staff person opened a door and we walked into the inside of a dim angular tower for a few minutes. It was stark and isolating.


Another hallway lead to a "Garden of Exile" which had some massive parallel but off-angled pillars which had a disorienting effect. I found this to be a more interactive museum, with speakers and drawers you open compared to the others we had been to. Doug and I crawled under some stairs (probably a space meant for small kids) to watch an animated cartoon there and to get off of our feet for a couple minutes... It was a Disney film named Alice and the Fire Brigade, I think.


After having a tea and coffee in the atrium area, we headed out to find the transit to the Bauhaus-Archiv museum. This museum is small but interesting to graphic designers. The audio clips on the headsets we carried around reminded me of critique sessions from school.

Doug needed a little part for his camera so, with the help of advice from our friend Klaus, we were able to locate a Canon camera shop and found our way there, seeing more of the city by bus and train.

Supper was at a restaurant near Brandenburger Tor then back to our hotel. In the lounge we made friends and chatted with a Swiss fellow and a German fellow.

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