Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Impressions of Mainz


We arrived a little early in Mainz so we dropped off our packs at the hotel until we could check in. In the meantime, we decided to look into river boat cruises on the Rhine. We found the small Eis (ice cream) stand that served as the river boat ticket office and booked a three hour tour... a three hour tour (a cheesy Gilligan's Island reference).
Before the boat trip started, we stepped into a Bavarian kneipe (pub) that was wall-to-wall filled with Japanese business men and women, creating an odd experience as I drank my Paulaner.
The boat ride along the Rhine gave a unique perspective of Mainz, with country and western elevator music as a soundtrack.
Later in the evening, we wandered the narrow, winding streets of Mainz's Altstadt (old city). We came across a statue of Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz's most famous resident and innovator of movable type. You could sense the city's pride in their local hero in the statue's generously endowed package which was quite noticeable from street level. This piqued our interest into seeing the Gutenberg Museum the next morning.

Gutenberg Statue

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