Thursday, September 15, 2011

Press Time in Mainz


On this day we made our way to the Gutenberg Museum to reach the pinnacle of our graphic design nerd-iness, surpassing our trip to the Bauhaus-Archiv museum in Berlin (we'd have it no other way). As in the Bauhaus museum, we were not allowed to take photos of the exhibits, but this might have saved us from buying another expensive camera memory card. Many of the exhibits were only in German as was the demo of the printing process performed on a replica of the original Gutenberg press. Even without translation, we were impressed with their collection of illuminated scripts, pages designed by Aldus Manutius, and their collection of Gutenberg Bibles secured and guarded in a bank vault.


Over a pizza lunch, we planned out some more of our trip, deciding to include Rome on recommendation of our Italian-Canadian friend Leandra.
On another recommendation from our German language teacher, who had spent time in Mainz, we dressed up and went to one of her favourite wine houses for supper. The food was delicious but we only managed to eat half as the portions were huge.

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