Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Holiday in the Sun", the Berlin wall with Kelly and Klaus

Today was special because Klaus surprised Kelly by coming to Berlin for one more visit before we leave the region. We had lunch together on a patio then went to the DDR museum. Klaus grew up on the East Germany side so it was great to hear his personal stories and memories about the pieces in this museum.


We then headed out of the city to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was sobering to walk around a place of so much suffering. There were so many stories on display. We left at sunset, a little worried that we may get locked inside since it closed at 6pm. I came away feeling sad that such suffering occurred but also impressed with the strength of the human spirit for the survivors. It's good this place is remembered. I am so appreciative of what a good life I have.


We followed this up by heading to the East Side Gallery. We had supper at a Bavarian themed restaurant near there. The East Side Gallery is a kilometer or so of the Berlin Wall that has graffiti art painted on it. Beautiful stuff. At an opening in the wall was a beach bar with sand and bonfires that we stopped for some cola before continuing to see the last stretch of it.

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