Saturday, September 3, 2011

Klaus' super tour of Wismar and beyond


Day five of our time in Schwerin and Überhosts, Kelly and Klaus don't disappoint on this day full of Klaus' surprises.

The day begins and we load up the Fiesta and head north on the autobahn to an undisclosed location. I followed Klaus' navigation complete with heart stopping, last minute instructions of "TURN RIGHT HERE!" and the always comedic situation where I would ask "do I turn left here?" ... to which Klaus would consistently reply "right... I mean CORRECT!"

Molli train interior

We eventually reached our destination, the small beach side town of Külungsborn. After parking the car we followed our tour guide to a small train station where we boarded the service car of the Molli, a narrow rail, antique coal powered train, destination: Bad Doberan. There, we walked around, checked out a few shops and stopped for breakfast.

Video clip of the train coming in to Bad Doberan

After returning to Külungborn we walked the pier and stopped to take pictures.

I quickly learned that Klaus and I share a compulsion to photograph everything that crosses our paths and we both felt lucky to have such willing and attractive subjects.


We also learned that Klaus' übertour stops for nothing so it was back into the Fiesta and off to Wismar.

Along the streets of Wismar

A lucky pig... particularly when compared to these pigs we saw the day before

We toured the old church that survived the wars and went up in the rafters. The streets in this town seem to lead to all lead to this church.

The church from the street

The interior of the church from the window up in the rafters

We wandered over to the port area of town and had some ice cream sundaes.

Town square

After walking to the town square, we found our car and went to the next destination... A windmill restaurant. Here we had our first taste of Russian Soljanka soup up on the second floor of the windmill. Delicious!


We then made our way back to Schwerin for the Schlossgartennacht event. Unfortunately, the event had exorbitantly priced entrance fees that they never advertised so we didn't enter and the garden area where the event was held looked like it was relatively empty with no people entering and people coming away from the entrance. Fortunately, there were people playing beautiful classical music wearing period costumes on the castle steps...magical.

Performers on castle steps

Video clip of performers on castle steps

We wandered downtown, had drinks by an illuminated fountain, and visited. As we walked back to our car, fireworks were shooting in the sky which we could see over the buildings. It was an amazing day.

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