Saturday, September 24, 2011

Roma Part 3: Last chance to see the greatest hits

Today we went shopping in the markets at Campo de Fiori near Piazza Navona. We checked out the Dorothy Circus Gallery which sold artwork by the who's who of Juxtapose Magazine. They had everyone from Ron English to Gary Baseman and sold prints, books and even dunnies from some of our favourite artists. However everything was priced accordingly so we left with only a gold foil printed business card.


We walked over the Sisto Bridge to Trastevere where we found our favourite place to eat in Rome. It was a little family run trattoria on a tiny side street. Rae had a gnocchi and I had a plate of some delicious cod.


Fed and rested, we headed to the Colosseum where it was European heritage days so admission was free. The line was very long but they were announcing that if you paid 5€ for the audio tour you could skip the line. Since this was less than regular admission and very few people were taking advantage of the offer, Rae and I skipped the line and got the audio tour. This way we would spend less time in lines and fit in more sights.



We toured the Colosseum where Rae fought a panther to the death and then went on to walk through the never ending Roman Forum. We saw Nero's house, Augustus' house and a bunch of other people's houses in this ancient ruin.

Roman forum

We then hopped another bus and checked out the Trevi Fountain at night where we shared a gelati.


After we looked at the Spanish Steps, we headed back to our neighbourhood where the prices were more reasonable. We quickly learned that in Europe, the price of your meal is in direct relation to the quality of your view or proximity to a monument.

Tomorrow we put our wallets to the test in Venezia.

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