Sunday, September 11, 2011

"You Are Leaving the American Sector"


Today we went to the Fernsehturm (tv tower) and had some cake and coffee in the revolving restaurant while snapping photos between bites. This was a great view of the places we had wandered around over the past couple of days.


We then made our way over to the Checkpoint Charlie museum. It was very interesting to see the many methods people used to try get over or through the wall. There is one example of a person getting across between two surfboards, with hollowed out parts. Other examples with suitcases, inside a big box of machinery, in a stereo amp, using hot air balloons, etc. Necessity is the mother of invention.


We stopped for a pretzel and lemonade then wandered over to a large plaza nearby called Gendarmenmarkt. There were buskers playing violins at the statue in the centre. We headed over to Potsdamer Platz to look at some of the buildings there, took the transit system over to the area by the zoo (but didn't go to the zoo because it was about to close). We took a double decker city bus back to Alexanderplatz and had supper. Doug had blackened chicken from a cow. (when Doug pointed out to the waiter that he'd actually ordered blackened chicken, he pointed to the steak on the plate and said "yeah, blackened chicken").
After hurrying back to the hostel before the impending rain storm, we settled in for our last night in Berlin. Tomorrow, Köln.

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